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30-Mar-2011Interview: Rob Mosher on the 31 Chorales Project, Creative Challenges and the Beauty of Discovery

Jordan Richardson at blogcritics.org recently interviewed me about my experiences with my 31 Chorales Project:

Jordan: You’ve just completed the creation of 31 chorales in 31 days. Talk about what led you to this project and the reasons behind it.

Rob: For many years I’ve wanted to combine my musical and technological abilities. After being introduced to Kickstarter.com in the summer of 2010, their crowd-sourced fundraising model and open-minded approach to creative projects grabbed my attention, but I didn’t have anything at the time that fit. Months later, as a study I composed a Bach-style chorale and, after sharing it with a friend, he suggested I write a few more and record a CD. Kickstarter came to mind immediately and the project was formed.

Jordan: As you describe on your website, the 31 chorales are Bach-inspired. You discuss “discovering new harmonic approaches within yourself while deepening your connection to Bach’s form,” too. How does this sense of harmonic exploration influence your overall creative process?

… continue reading at http://blogcritics.org/music/article/interview-rob-mosher-on-the-31/

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    A Canadian currently residing in New York City, award winning composer, soprano sax and woodwind performer Rob Mosher unites interpreted and improvised music.

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