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31 Chorales

Popularized by J.S. Bach during the 17th and 18th centuries, the Chorale is a piece of music written with four intertwining and independent voices, each maintaining it’s own simplicity but made grander when all played at the same time.

“Harmonious, passionate, and at times tongue-in-cheek.”

31 Chorales is evidence of what happens when an award-winning composer and soprano saxophonist committed himself to the creative challenge of a lifetime: to write 31 Bach-style chorales in 31 days in celebration of his 31st birthday.

Inspired by J.S. Bach and containing a variety of consonance and dissonance, the album balances 31 instrumental chorales and 5 chamber pieces for soprano sax, trumpet, bass clarinet and tuba. Funds were raised using Kickstarter’s crowd-funding model.



  • Rob Mosher – soprano sax, compositions
  • Micah Killion – trumpet
  • Peter Hess – bass clarinet
  • Nathan Turner – tuba
  • Album Artwork

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    31 Chorales - #29
    31 Chorales - #20
    31 Chorales - Winding Roads
    31 Chorales - #8
    31 Chorales - #12
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