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Storytime – The Tortoise, their debut CD, is a lushly scored musical odyssey that contains echoes of Wayne Shorter, Gil Evans, Kurt Weill, Darius Milhaud, Debussy and Bach, reflecting Mosher’s embrace of a wide range of influences which have coalesced to create his singularly independent compositional voice.  The CD traverses many musical landscapes — all held together by Mosher’s multi-faceted orchestration and ingenious use of instrumentation (saxophones, oboe, English horn, clarinets, flute, trumpet, French horn, trombone, electric and acoustic guitar, plus bass and drums).



Storytime - The Tortoise2008

  • On A Clear Day 8:46
  • The Sands Of Maundune 4:33
  • Sleepless Lullaby 4:45
  • Jupiter 6:32
  • What Snowflakes Are Plotting 1:45
  • Twilight 10:25
  • Silhouette Of The Man In The Fog 7:52
  • The Tall Tales Of Todd Toven 1:12
  • March Of The Elephants 7:56
  • Joy 4:57
  • The Forgotten 9:17
  • 1920s Car Chase 2:17
  • Farewell, Goodbye 3:03


"strong, well crafted, highly arranged, listenable, and accessible music"

- All Music Guide

"a gifted composer who offers a fresh and updated approach"

- All About Jazz

"ambitious, thoroughly composed music"

- Ottawa Citizen