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Trickle was written by Canadian-born composer and soprano saxophonist Rob Mosher in the summer of 2005. It wasn’t however, until he met Australian guitarist Rupert Boyd in 2009 that he revisited the piece and re-worked it into its final version. They recorded the piece, overdubbing two of Boyd’s performances, in 2010.

A departure from Mosher’s more customary classical and jazz inspired melodies, Trickle is an exploration of harmony and sound color. Inspired by the contrasting timbrel qualities of open and fretted strings on the guitar, Mosher captures these nuances in the piece written for two classical guitars so that the sound of the two parts ebb and flow to create one melodic rhythm. While the harmonic progression is fully arranged, he leaves the arpeggiation, rhythm and articulation entirely to the discretion of the performer. The result is a stochastic performance that is both orchestrated and improvised, playful yet profound; and above all, hauntingly beautiful.